venerdì 8 dicembre 2006

Eating Healthy in a Community of Difference

I am recently traveling in Italy and am coming across communal eating events where no one else consumes salt-free vegan food. While this is my nutrition of choice, I would rather enjoy the company or sobremesa as the spanish have it, and join the group. Similarly, others are preparing food for me and it is somewhat disrespectful if I reject their food. I could easily do this, however, not everyone is able to understand my motives and creating the basis for open communication is thus more important that maintaining my dietary desires. Nevertheless, to get around this dillemma which so many of us raw foodies and other non-traditional eaters experience is to find something to do during lunch or dinner time and then have tea or coffee time after or between meals. These are great times to for conversation and promote friendship.

Next time you want to join the group, but not eat undesireable food, make it tea-time!